It can be difficult to know when dating should turn into a relationship. This is especially true for those over 50. You may be fearful of this relationship ending badly like ones in the past. Here we're going to let you know when it's the right time to move forward from dating to a relationship.

At some point in the dating process you'll discuss taking things to the next level. Generally it's after you've been dating for at least several months. It's important not to rush getting into the relationship. This is generally a sign of desperation and someone with bad intent could take advantage of you. They'll see this as weakness and know that they can get you to do anything they want. Chances are this isn't your first relationship and you should think back to how others worked out in the past. You'll no doubt see similarieties between them and your current situation.

A relationship is about more than just love. It's about how well your lives intertwine. What you're looking for is someone that's strong in areas that you are weak. You should be seeking a relationship that is mutually beneficial to each other. This is the key to building a lasting relationship. It's not just about love and fun in the bedroom. A relationship has to work on many levels and it's also beyond chemistry. A couple must function as a unit with each other. Think of it as machines in a factory that work with each other. You're not just with the person because they make your loneliness go away. The goal should be to find someone that compliments your life in every way possible.

There will be a point that your lives aren't separate. When is the right time to move forward? Generally speaking, if you're asking, then the relationship is already there. Dating is going out once or more times per week, while a serious relationship, you find yourself with the person much more than that. You may even be living with them more days per week then away. Most couples don't further their relationship from dating in a way that business people discuss contracts. More than likely you're not going to be sitting at a table talking real serious about things. The conversation will probably arise after you've just spent a great evening together.

The bottom line is this, don't rush into a relationship. Instead, let it come to you. Allow your friendship to blossom. If it doesn't, then it's no big deal, move on to the next person. It's when you force a relationship to form after dating that bad things happen. It rarely ends well and you could end up getting hurt in the process. You're no spring chicken any more. You don't have the time for heartaches and that's what'll happen if you rush into things. Take it nice and slow and let everything develop naturally. Move forward when both of you are ready. If at any time neither of you are, then slow it down. There could be a reason the relationship isn't developing and you've got to discover why that is.