Writing a good headline is always easier said than done and you can ask any journalist about that. Dating profile headlines are extremely important - they can help you stand out from the crowd and make a strong first impression. If you manage to create a compelling headline, you can even attract people to your profile and significantly increase your dating success. And although there is no one true formula to write a good dating profile headline, there are some proven methods that will help you write an interesting and catchy one that will attract others.

Use a Funny Line from a Movie or a Book

It is a fact that the vast majority of people, both men, and women, registered in dating sites and apps, claim they are looking for a funny partner that will make them laugh and smile. So a good way to attract someone to your profile is to be funny. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by using a catchy line from a comedy movie or a book. If the other person knows where it is formed, then you have a common interest, but if he or she doesn't, you will look original and funny.

Write About Your Interests

Another way to come up with a great dating profile headline is simply by mentioning your interests. It is easy and creates a great base for easy conversations. It will help you describe who you are and what you love, and people who share common interests with you will immediately be attracted. Some of the best activities to include are surfing, hiking, yoga, acting and live concerts.

Similarity is Always Great

If you are interested in someone and want to attract his or her attention, one of the best ways to do this is by imitating their dating profiles and headlines. Similarity always leads to attraction and affection but be sure to imitate one's profile carefully, so it is not obvious you've done so.

Create a Mystery

When creating your dating profile headline, you should always try to create some mystery about you and avoid revealing too much. This will encourage people to read more about you and contact you. Be creative and write a compelling headline that will leave others curious and eager to learn more about you.

Never be Too Serious

Dating sites and apps are all about meeting new people and having fun, so never be too serious. After all, you are not applying for a job. Writing a profile headline that is too serious will make you look desperate and boring and will most likely drive people off.

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