Online dating profile pictures are a great way to showcase who you are and what you look like to the online dating community. They are also often the first thing that viewers will see, so it is important to choose a quality profile picture to draw in potential matches. Making your profile picture stand out is key to keeping a person's attention to your profile, and low quality pictures can turn potential connections away. It's also important to realize that having a good profile picture is not only about good looks, there are a lot of other factors that go into making sure that your picture stands out among the rest. Here are a few online dating profile picture tips:

Put a picture of you doing something you love

Pictures that showcase your interests and passions are a great way to couple looks and personality into one. These are great for attracting matches who may have similar interests, and has shown to be a successful way of increasing the number of dates. Pictures like this are also great conversation starters, making it easy to begin a fluid conversation without the awkward introductions.

Family and friend pictures

Choosing pictures that involve family members or friends is a good way to show off your social, more intimate side. Showing others that you're close with your family, and that you're capable of having healthy relationships with friends who enjoy your company is definitely a plus for potential matches. Try to avoid posting big group pictures, however, as they can make it difficult for people to identify you.

Post a flattering, high quality picture

Nothing turns away people more than low quality pictures. When choosing a profile picture, make sure you choose a decent quality photo that is clear and accurately represents what you look like. Choose a photo that is flattering, but at the same time is not deceptive in a way that hides what you really look like. Try to use natural light for your photos instead of flash, as the light can wash out your skin. Choose flattering angles and light, but don't completely alter what you look like for the means of gaining matches. Show your physical appearance with honesty and clarity, and your confidence will show through it. Include candid photos.

Candid photos are a good way of showing off your fun and flirty side. Photos that convey less effort are more likely to get responses than those that are professionally posed, so have a friend take a candid shot to show off a more genuine appeal. These will make your profile picture look less fake and posed, and more realistic and honest.

Using profile pictures on your online dating site is the best way to attract and draw in potential matches. High quality, thoughtful images can showcase both your good looks and personality in a way that keeps viewers interested and wanting to know more.