Dating a widow is not same as that of dating another woman. It is because of the tough time she has gone through after the death of her spouse. There will be the times when you will have a good feeling after making her happy and encouraging her to make a new beginning but for that you would need to keep patience as your date will be going through the feelings of despair and loneliness. As the time will be difficult for both of you, but with little understanding, love and care, you can make her happy in her date. Here, we are going to give some tips for dating a widower.

  • Be Insightful
  • Men are always dominating in the relationships but they need to be insightful and sensitive when dating a widow. There can be the cases that she is feeling it hard to start a new relationship or is taking some time to get normal over it; therefore, you need to understand her feelings and give her love and attention so that she will feel being special to someone.
  • What you want- date or a relationship?
  • Be clear in what you want and also make her know about your plans. Usually a woman, who has gone through the grief of losing her partner, will be looking for someone to fill the emptiness of her life. So, if you are interested in only dating her, then make her know about it because it is not fair to play with her feelings as she has already suffered from the grief. And if you are willing to start a new relationship, then prepare yourself to have some more patience and understanding.
  • Don't force
  • Every woman is comfortable to go into intimacy only after she feels emotionally satisfied from the guy. And in the case of a widow, there are chances that she takes more time than the normal case. Even after being emotionally satisfied she can say no the sex. Don't be in hurry; give her time to feel comfortable. Treat her with love and try to fill the emptiness of her life and then only you can enjoy the intimacy.
  • Consider the various possibilities
  • It is not that you have to think about her only; think of the complications that you may need to face in future. The widow you are dating may or may not have kids. In the case she doesn't have, it is fine but if there are kids, they may or may not ready to accept the new father. The second point worth considering is her financial status. There are the chances that she may be looking for someone who will fulfil her daily needs or give her a luxurious life. So, along with giving her time to feel comfortable, you also need to feel at ease.

If you really want to develop a relationship with her, then try to make her happy and deal her in the way as if you are dating any other woman who is not widow. This will make her feel special and forget her sorrow.