For many of the current generation's online users, social media plays a vital role in managing relationships through a virtual environment. It's difficult in today's digital age to be absent on these forms of social media when it has become such a prominent part of our daily culture. The prevalence of popular social media outlets, such as Facebook, has fully pervaded our society in ways that has allowed the social media to expand outside the reach of solely the younger generations. In fact, the common misconception that Facebook is only for these younger generations has begun to be challenged.

While branching out into the social media sphere may be a bit overwhelming at first for the older generation, many over 40 singles have been able to utilize sites such as Facebook in forming and maintaining relationships. Facebook provides a large network that is great for staying connected to people you know in a virtual context, while allowing you to keep up to date on the most recent news in that person's life. With its global reach, Facebook has become one of the most popular tools to use for the older generations.

Staying connected

Not only does Facebook allow you to create your own profile to express yourself through, but its cohesive community-like layout makes it easy to keep in touch with various people. This is a great tool for the older generation especially, in which many relationships may be stretched out all over the globe. Facebook brings together all of these friends into one social sphere that makes it fun and simple to stay connected through a virtual means. It is simply a great tool to keep in touch with people you care about, whether it's family or friends, and maintain an online presence.

Online Dating

For over 50 singles, it's a good idea to have a Facebook profile if you are participating in the online dating scene. It allows you to not only learn more about the person you may be chatting with at the moment, but it helps validate who they are. Becoming friends on Facebook could be that next step in the virtual dating environment to continue to connect and learn more about each other before making the next step to meet up. Many online dating sites offer special features and profiles that you can customize, similar to Facebook. While these are great and helpful, transitioning your connection from the online dating site to a different social media platform can be a great way to keep the relationship alive, even if you just want to remain friends.

Social media garners such a large online presence in today's society that it's almost impossible to ignore it. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, have proven to be great sources for connecting with the people you care about. Whether you're getting to know something through a new relationship, or reconnecting with an old friend, the evolution of Facebook proves that it is not just for the younger generation anymore.