Sex after the age of 50, definitely poses various challenges and numerous ageing issues can come in between. But surely, these issues or problems are not unbeatable. With the better understanding and open mind, you can confront most of the problems and have a fulfilling sex life. There are numerous benefits of sex as you age. Having sex after 50 improves your health, both physically and mentally. Sex is a good exercise. It burns fat and release endorphin- a hormone, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Sex is just not about making physical relationships, but it is an indication of love towards your partner. It just provides you a medium through which you express your closeness with your loved one. A healthy sex life spice up your life and can add years to your life.

A good sex life after 50 encompasses more than just sex. It involves touch, kissing, passion and lubrication. To make your sexual experience romantic, you could start with a romantic dinner. You could also share your fantasies and erotic stories with your partner, before you make love. Hold your partner softly and encourage him to take control over you. Before you plan for love making, make yourself free of all the workloads and kids related responsibilities so that you can find more time for pleasure and intimacy.

As your age advances, you may experience dryness in your vagina, which tends to cause painful sexual experience. You could try using a moisturizer or a lubricant during your physical activity if your intercourse gets painful. Just like regular physical activity keeps your body in shape. In a similar way, regular lovemaking can maintain the utility of the vagina. Making several changes in your sexual routine can spice up your sex life. You need to make yourself emotionally calm to enjoy your sex life. Stress, anxiety and depression tends to create problems and you can lose interest in sex. Therefore, it is suggested to overcome emotional troubles, which might be refraining you from connecting emotionally with your partner.

With the advancing age, various problems, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, stress, anxiety, etc., can decrease your sexual drive. Therefore, you should fix regular appointments with your doctor and discuss your health status regularly. This way you can follow a proactive strategy to improve your overall health and stay sexually active. Some people feel too conscious about their physical appearances that they tend to lose interest in sex. You might not look as young and attractive as you used to be.You might have gained weight or developed love handles, but if you follow a strategy, you can overcome these effectively. Talk to your doctor or counselor, who will advise you about the solutions.

Sex is always fun, no matter what the age. Therefore, to make your sex life exciting, even after 50, one should always adopt a healthy lifestyle and experiment different things to balance the excitement and pleasure. You could also talk to your doctor if you feel too conscious about yourself and sharing your body with someone after 50.