Dating has become all the easier, thanks to several dating applications. And websites. If you are new to dating, here are the top dating sites that can help you gain a good date:

One of the most popular and best dating sites, as led people to more dates, relationships and marriages than any of the other websites. The website has more than a million members. It's large user base shows that there is a date for everyone. has a lot of profiles that you can see and assess and then pick your date accordingly.


Another famous dating website, JDate is a Jewish dating service. It shows itself showing self-deprecating personal descriptions. The site is good for Jews and people who want a quick date.


Zoosk is ideal for those who do not want to answer a lot of questions or build their profiles. It is a good matching algorithm. Zoosk lets you see people, see who you want to date without filling any questionnaire whatsoever. There are many different online dating sites that are similar to Zoosk, but Zoosk definitely takes the best match amongst others.

Dating Vegetarian

As funny as the name may sound, dating vegetarian is a great site if you want to try a platform that lets you date vegetarians. Yes you heard it. Chances are that on Dating Vegetarian, you are going to find a kindred soul who happens to be a good veggie lover. The site is good for a nibble and is a must try if you want a platform to date a veggie.

Green Singles

People who love environment ought to try Green Singles. It is good for those who are vegetarians or are a fan of animal rights or people who prefer their outdoor life. Green Singles lets you get a good date, easy and fast.

There are many gays out there and if you are one, is a good site for you to try. It is one site with the biggest reach of hundreds of gays and lesbians on the plus news, features, net and other categories. lets you see people and who share the same identity as you and then go on to date them. Being gay is a taboo in a lot of societies and therefore, finding a date can become problematic. However, not with as shows profiles of people that match your own identity and lets you chill with them.

As the name suggests, lovestruck is a great website to try if you want some company. If you are fancying a date in lunch hour, you can easily get a date at lovestruck. The site is unique and has a lot of members so finding a date in that particular time slot will be fairly easy.

Christian Connection

If you are Christian and looking for a date that is solely Christian, Christian Connection is your choice. You can easily make a good profile there and get aided right away.

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