If you're trying to find yourself the perfect rich older woman it's probably a good idea to understand what her interests and hobbies may be. While everyone is different, there are certainly some common past times that rich older women tend to congregate towards. Some of these hobbies you can easily learn yourself without forking out a lot of money and in other cases you can always do some research. It pays to be prepared when you're trying to impress a rich older woman over 50. Here are our top six hobbies of rich older women that you may want to learn about before dating one.

#1 Philanthropy (Charity Work)

Rich older women often want to give back to the community any way they can and for that reason they're often actively involved in local charities. The level of this commitment may vary, but if you're looking to meet a rich older woman then getting yourself involved in charity work may be one of the better options for doing so. It will also give you the added benefits of feeling better about yourself for giving a little back.

#2 Throwing Extravagant Parties

In many cases rich older women over 50 yeras old love to organize and that leads them to throw extravagant parties. It might not be easy getting an invite to one of these parties, but in many instances they may tie in this hobby with the one we've already mentioned above. If an older millionaire woman can throw a party and donate proceeds to charity at the same time it's kind of like killing two birds with one stone. Again, getting involved with charity work may be your best way to get invited to such a party.

#3 Playing Tennis

For whatever reason tennis has always been a popular sport among successful people. This is one activity that you don't have to be rich to partake in. Almost all cities and towns have a few public tennis courts around, so get out there and practice your game so that if you have the chance of finding yourself an older millionaire woman you'll be prepared to face her on the tennis court.

#4 They Often Love Art

Art is not for everyone, but it's often one of the favorite past times of older millionaire women. If you want to impress a woman like this it's not a bad idea to get out to a few galleries and learn all you can about art. Chances are your efforts will pay off when you hook up with that rich older woman.

#5 Hit the Slopes

Another common hobby is skiing when cougar dating online. If you've never skied before, it's probably a good idea to take a few lessons before your big ski date with that rich older woman. Of course, this is a lot easier if you live in a northern climate, but even if you don't you might want to save your pennies and take a ski trip so that you're ready when you meet that millionaire older woman.

#6 Exercise

We've all been exposed to Pilates and yoga on TV and were constantly reminded that all the major celebrities in Hollywood love partaking in these two activities. You can bet if you've met a millionaire older woman and she happens to be in great shape that she probably does Pilates or yoga at least a couple of times a week. It might be a good idea to check out your local gym and see if you can take a class or two to impress her.

Final Words

These are just some potential hobbies when dating older women over 50, but they are a good cross-section of the hobbies and activities you might expect rich older women to be partaking in. If you can learn all you can about these subjects you might have a better chance of impressing that millionaire older woman that's caught your eye. Obviously there are no guarantees in life, but it pays to be prepared.