Welcome to Over 50 Dating Guide!

You, and many others, may think that because you’ve passed the half century mark that you can no longer look for love, whether it’s in all the right or all the wrong places! But the truth is that you could find love for the first time ever when you’re already 150 years old! Here at Over 50 Dating Guide we know that it’s only really once you hit the big five-oh that you truly know who you are and what you are looking for in a relationship.

Plus you’ve achieved everything you wanted to in your life – the kids (if you have them) are grown, you’ve already achieved the success you wanted to in your career and you already know what you’re really passionate about. You don’t have time for fads, you like to spend your free time doing the things that make you happy instead of running after your growing family. So it’s the best time to start looking for your true love.

We understand what it means to be considered a senior citizen, in fact a few of us here at Over 50 Dating Guide are senior citizens ourselves! So we want to help our members celebrate what could be the most exciting chapter of their lives! Being over 50 means you have freedom you never had before, you know everything you need to know and a lot of things you don’t need to know, and you’re at the stage where you’re glad just to wake up, to see the sunrise, to smell the roses.

When you reach your 50’s and even your 60’s the things you want from life have changed from when you were in your 40’s, your 30’s and you can’t even believe what you imagined you wanted when you were in your 20’s! The one thing that has probably remained is the fact that you don’t want to spend your days alone. And this site is here to help you find others who want to share their golden years with someone special!

You think we’re just saying that right? Well you’re wrong! There is actual research showing that what we’ve said is true – that these years can be the happiest and most fulfilling of your entire life. There is no more anxiety caused by worrying whether you’re good enough for that job or task or role. So you can really explore the world around you for the first time. Finally start all those projects you’ve been talking about for years and find contentment with your life and yourself.

But when you’re finding this contentment and finding yourself, it just isn’t the same when you’re doing it alone. You can tell your family about what you’re discovering, and your friends might even join you on parts of your journey. But there is something special about sharing those special moments with someone special. As cliché as that sounds you know it’s true! Think about all the best memories of your life – now think about who you were with.

Even if that special someone is not a romantic interest, having them with you gives the moment a golden glow and makes it a million times more fun. So go ahead, find a friend, find a partner, find a forever and find them all on a site where the things that make you who you are and your experience is appreciated and valued!

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