Today, online dating sites are everywhere as more people turn to the internet to find their next date. Of course, not every dating site is alike and telling the good ones from the ones that are not-so-good can be problematic unless you know where to look. The good news is that there are many review sites out there for online dating websites, so that gives you a start.

Here are five tips to help you find the right online dating site that meets your needs and will exceed your expectations. The good news is that many online dating sites allow you to enjoy a free membership which lets you check out the website.

It's Not the Numbers, It's the Location

Just about every online dating site boasts about how they have thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of members. While that may be true, there is a big grain of salt that you should take when hearing about the numbers. First, it's not how many that they have, it's how many live close enough to you. Someone 500 miles away is probably going to be less desirable to date than someone 5 miles away, so look for how many are in your general area.

It's Also About the Interest

Most online social sites are general in nature, but many more are becoming specialized in their function. This means that there are dating sites geared toward age brackets and preferences. Chances are, you might be better off in a website that emphasizes your age or preference rather than a general site that simply uses categories.


There are reviewing sites that cover online dating websites and include many customer reviews and testimonials. Here, you can find good information that will let you know whether the site is best suited for what you want out of the site. You should read the reviews carefully as they provide valuable insight into how the site operates, its membership, how well they treat their members, and what happens when any glitches arise.

News & Security

Occasionally, you'll see news reports of an online dating site that had the personal information of their clients revealed. So, you'll want to do your own background check on the site to see if they have suffered such a fate. Once you see their past, you should check out their security and see how they protect your information. When you consider how closely guarded you keep your personal information, the online dating site you choose should do the same.


While there is free membership available to many of the online dating sites, you really cannot get into most of the features until you pay the membership fee. While many sites have similar prices, they also have packages of different lengths from one, three, and six months with some having more. While you cannot know how long it will take you to get into a good relationship, you should look for the one that has prices you are most comfortable with paying and can be extended if needed.

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